December 10, 2020 | Artisan Contractor Websites

3 Ways to Incorporate Wellness into Your Construction Business

What do you think of when you hear the word wellness? Juice cleanses or a jogging routine? Believe it or not, wellness has a vital place on your job site! Construction is a physically and mentally strenuous industry, with a higher risk for injury or disability than many other industries. A wellness program can help you work with your team members to create a healthier, safer workplace.

Investing in a healthier team prevents the costly issues that can arise from injuries or illness, and can help prevent workman's comp claims. Discover how a wellness program can help you avoid major health risks in the construction industry.

3 Tips for Encouraging Wellness to Avoid Health Risks in Construction

#1: Create a Healthier Job Site

  • Make Water Available: Dehydration can cause harmful issues on your job site. Installing water stations around your job sites can help your team members stay hydrated and avoid potential problems like illness and the cognitive issues that come with dehydration.
  • Encourage Healthy Eating: Encouraging healthier eating choices is another easy way to make a positive impact on your team's health. High protein, low sugar food choices help give your team the energy they need to tackle a good day’s work. Try providing an onsite trailer with access to food. This is especially important if your job is in an area where the only other affordable alternative is fast food.
  • Manage Stress: Stress can become a major health risk. When not managed properly, stress can lead to mental health issues and other complications. Talk openly with your team about managing stress and encourage the use of PTO to help mitigate this.
  • Be Aware Of Air Quality: Ensure you're taking all appropriate safety precautions to help your team work in the best air quality possible. This includes all appropriate steps to reduce airborne particles, like using water trucks and coverings.
  • Quit Tobacco: Tobacco use in the construction industry is higher on average compared to other industries. Consider a company-wide campaign to encourage people to quit tobacco.

#2: Provide Health Benefits

Do your team members have access to reliable, affordable health insurance? According to MarketWatch, 11 out of the 20 professions found to have the highest percentage of workers without health coverage are in construction. Providing health benefits is one of the biggest ways to help your workers stay healthier in the long run.

#3: Encourage Wellness Among Management

The Center for Disease Control found that construction managers are more likely than other professionals to smoke or use tobacco, binge drink, or drive without a seatbelt. Because of the leadership roles management plays, encouraging a healthier lifestyle among your managers can have a positive impact on the entire team.

The health and wellness of your team have a greater impact on your day-to-day operations and your bottom line than you might assume. Implementing a wellness program to encourage better health can help you avoid the risks associated with an unhealthy lifestyle.

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