February 26, 2020 | Artisan Contractor Websites

How to Make a Good First Impression and Close More Business

You're always making a "first impression" with potential clients.

Making a good first impression used to involve careful attention to your appearance, office space, and even your business cards, flyers, and print mailers.

But today, making a good first impression is typically done in a different way:


The Good News

Ready for the good news? Meeting potential new clients has never been easier.

You can get your name out in front of thousands of potential clients without even leaving your house -- or changing out of your pajamas.

No more boring mixers or uncomfortable networking events.


Now, all you need to get in front of potential clients are digital assets, including:

  • Contractor website
  • Social media accounts
  • Google My Business
  • Online directories

Contractor Website

Consider your contractor's website as a modern-day business card. That is, if a business card had the ability to tell a prospective client everything they need to know about the work you do, showcase your completed projects in high definition, and provide methods for getting in touch with you 24/7.

Your website IS your best chance at a good first impression.

In the blink of an eye, your website can make you look professional, informed, and capable.

It can educate potential clients, answering all of their biggest questions before they even think to ask them.

Best of all, your website can help potential clients connect with you, request pricing, or schedule an appointment for a consultation at any time of day (or night).

Your contractor website is probably the first place someone will go when looking for your business online. But it's not the last. Which is why you should claim these other digital properties for your business, too.

Get a fast, affordable, professional contractor website today.

Social Media Accounts

Sometimes it seems like there's a new social media platform popping up daily. You don't need to be the master of all social media, but your business should have a presence on at least one or two.

Facebook, the reigning “King” of social media with over 2.32 billion global users a month, is always a safe bet. 80% of people aged 18 - 49 say they use Facebook, which casts a pretty wide net for potential leads. Be sure to avoid these Facebook marketing mistakes.

YouTube is another widely popular social media network; the video-based platform generates two billion views each day. In fact, YouTube is second only to Google in the list of top 500 sites on the web. Learn how to create a YouTube business account.

Google My Business

The best potential customers for your business are going to be the ones who live in the area you service. After all, it doesn’t help you to reach potential leads in Topeka, KS if you do business in Tulsa, OK.

One of the easiest ways to start showing up online for people looking for you in your area is to claim your Google My Business listing.

Your Google My Business listing helps searchers readily find important information about your business, such as your business name, address, phone number, hours of information, map/ directions, and even reviews.

Learn how to set up your Google My Business listing.

Online Directories

Contractors are familiar with online directories. They're like the Yellow Pages for a new generation.

Some directories require payment from you to list your business and get access to potential clients. But not all online directories are pay-to-play. You can find free directories where you can list your business details, contact information, and link back to your contractor website.

List your contractor business for free at this online contractor directory.

The Bad News

There's always some bad news.

If you don't have these digital assets lined up and optimized, you could be losing business.

Worse, you may be unintentionally making a BAD first impression without even realizing it.

Let's say one of your former clients referred you to his neighbor. Before they call you, that referred person is most likely going to "check you out" online. They're going to sit down at their laptop, tablet, or cellphone and search for your business.

If they don't find anything -- no website, social accounts, or directory listings -- your legitimacy as a business may come into doubt.

After all, even the kid down the street who walks dogs for some spending cash has a website and a Facebook page for his "business".

Why don't you?

You know the saying: you only get one chance to make a good first impression. And today, good first impressions are all made online.