November 30, 2021 | Artisan Contractor Websites

What Information Do I Need to Have on My Contractor Website?

You know most customers are shopping online these days, and the construction industry is no exception to that. Before you can start generating leads with your contractor website, it's important to know what information your site needs to have so that customers can find you and reach out.

The 5 Things That Should Be on Your Contractor Website

#1: License Information

While each state has its own licensing requirements, most contractors will be required to hold a license. Customers will be looking for your license information to ensure that you're legitimate. Make sure that information is easy to find on your website.

You may even be required to share your license information by law. For example, California's Contractor Licensing Board requires contractors to list their license number on all advertisements, including their website.

#2: Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage helps protect both you and your customer in the event of an accident. It will put customers' minds at ease to know that you have basic coverage like general liability, commercial auto, etc., so consider mentioning it on your website.

#3: Contact Information

Of course, your next client can't find you if they can't get in touch. Once you've won your readers over with your website, make sure it's easy for them to find your phone number, email, and other important contact information. Include it in your site's footer and on the contact page.

#4: Services

People will hit your website with a specific need or question. By listing out your specialties you can help them determine that you have the qualifications to fit what they're looking for. Including services information also helps convey that you're a legitimate business.

#5: Reviews

A great review can help build trust with your prospects and assure future clients that you'll get the job done right. Consider including reviews from happy customers on your contractor website or a link to your Yelp or Google My Business page.

Are you ready to get found online and start generating new business? Your contractor website can be ready in as little as a week. Get started.