February 4, 2022 | Artisan Contractor Websites

How Do I Make A Website For my Construction Company?

You know your construction company needs a website to help your business reach a wider audience and generate leads, and Artisan Contractor Websites' affordable turnkey sites are the perfect fit for your budget. But what else will you need to get your contractor website up and running?

You'd be surprised at how little you need to get your completed website in under a week.

What You Need to Get Your Construction Company Website

#1: Your Branding
Your construction website should be tailored to suit your brand identity. This includes ensuring your logo is used on the site, along with appropriate brand colors, fonts, and other elements. The team at Artisan Contractor Websites can customize your site as part of your website package based on your existing branding.

#2: Business Information
You'll need certain information to inform the copy (another term for the site's text) on your construction website. To get started, consider including the following information for your site:
Your contractor license number, if required
Your contact information, including phone number and email address
Information on the services you provide
Product information if applicable (for Portfolio sites and up)

#3: A Domain Name
Your domain name is your site's address online, or your URL. Your site will need a domain name.

If you already own one or prefer to buy your own, sites like Google Domains have them available for purchase. Alternatively, the Artisan Contractor Websites team can register your domain name for you.

#4: An SSL Certificate
An SSL certificate provides authentication for a website, marking your site as secure. Having an SSL certificate will change your URL's protocol from HTTP to HTTPS, where the S stands for "secure." Not only does having a secure site build critical trust with your users, but if you don't have one, browsers will mark your site as "not-secure" and search engines won't rank it as well in results.

You may either purchase an SSL certificate independently or get one as part of our Commerce level package.

The Website Process

Once you've collected the information you need, you don't need to wait long to see your final website go live. Reach out to Artisan Contractor Websites - we're able to provide turnkey websites in as little as a week, so you can start generating leads right away. Get in touch with the team and we'll reach out to you to make sure we have all the information we need to create your site.

Ready for your site? Get started.